Blackstone Parks Conservancy

On April 9, members of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Franklin Pierce college alumni association, and Blackstone Parks Conservancy, joined other friends and neighbors for a long day’s work in the Conservation District. They tackled several problem areas that are suffering from severe erosion and compaction. With a Department of Environmental Management grant and Parks Department backup, the volunteers built hundreds of linear feet of fence to protect an imperiled bluff trail and allow it to recover. Alternate trails were also lined and marked, mulch was spread on severely compacted areas, and coir log erosion control systems were installed.

Many thanks to all, especially to Don Cordner, Chris Shafer, and Jack Schemp, who planned and led the workday, and to other AMC volunteers from around New England, who gave up their Saturday to improve the Park! Special thanks as well to Parks Department consultant Kurt Van Dexter who answered visitors’ questions and to the Franklin Pierce alumni and visitors who pitched in.