Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Bird Song

On a summer evening, the music of the male wood thrush permeates the ravine of Blackstone Park like an ethereal flute, hovering above the earth.  If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, the summer season can be a wonderful time to explore the local bird species and enjoy their melodious songs. The Boulevard and forest trails, and ponds of Blackstone Park and the edge of the Seekonk River offer an oasis for aerial birds and shore birds.

Wood Thrush

Summer Aerial Species Sighted in Blackstone Park:

– Common Nighthawk

– Red-tailed Hawk

– Hermit Thrush

– Wood Thrush

– Swainson’s Thrush

– Mockingbird

– Brown Thrasher

– Indigo Bunting

– Bobolink

Bufflehead Duck

– Northern Waterthrush

– Red-eyed Vireo

– Ruby-throated Hummingbird

– Ovenbird

– Scarlet Tanager

– Great Crested Flycatcher

– Ruby Crowned Kinglet


The urban shores of Blackstone Park along River Road and Swan Point offer refuge to various shorebirds. Bufflehead, scaup, mergansers, goldeneye, and canvasbacks have all been sighted feeding in the waterway between Providence and East Providence along with Herons and egrets. And of course the magnificent swans!

The Double-crested Cormorant is the most numerous and widespread North American cormorant and can be seen afloat in the Seekonk River. The Great Cormorant is restricted to the Atlantic Coast, breeding in only a few colonies from Maine to Greenland.

Elisa Vele-Tabaddor


Double-Crested Cormorant