Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Close to 40 people, adults and children from southern Rhode Island and Providence, joined biologist Jeanine Silversmith of RI Families in Nature and several Blackstone Parks Conservancy members to explore the trails in the Conservation District on Playful Providence weekend, September 8th. “I never knew this was here!” exclaimed several people new to the park overlooking the Seekonk River.

The volunteer guides pointed to bittersweet vines winding around trees and slowly squeezing them. Bright orange Jewelweed by York Pond intrigued the children, who balanced on the logs lining the trails.

The Blackstone Parks Conservancy and the Appalachian Mountain Club have been working on the mostly steep trails for many years. Recently a new group, Friends of Blackstone Woods, have started spreading wood chips and working on water bars in an effort to help slow the erosion that is a major challenge in the Park.

If you like to work outdoors, please join us on our next trail day, October 27th (see under Events).


On the Boulevard

The stump of the very old tulip poplar cut down last year on lower Blackstone Boulevard (between Irving and University) was apparently not ready to give up the ghost. Sending up sprouts is the way trees frequently regenerate. And an ecologist advising the Conservancy suggested we select two or three, wait to see which one thrives, then pare back to one.

Sometime this fall, foresters in the Parks Department will decide who the winners are. We’ll try to keep you posted for the awards ceremony.