Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Animal Detective!

Come be an Animal Detective! We have MANY animals in our park – come learn and explore about them.
1. Look for evidence of animals around the park!After intro and drawing demo, go out with clipboards full of visual guides, pencils, and paper to sketch on.Look for food remains, burrows, nests, galls, tracks, and scat. Draw and note what you find!We will report back our findings to the group and try to identify the animals with the guides. 
2. Ant Behaviors. With a magnifying lens, follow a bright blue “trail”, look into the focus hoop, and imagine you are an ant-sized reporter. Do you see ants running, carrying, grooming, preening, fighting? With new clip boards, we will report back, tally up behaviors we see, and share results on dry erase board. 
3. The Oak Tree Mystery. Oaks are habitats for many animals, including insects, birds, and squirrels. Find an oak tree and collect leaves and acorns if possible.At the table we will try to identify our oak species and look closely at our leaves and acorns (and possibly galls) for evidence of animals, such as chewed leaves and holes.We will make a record of our leaf by doing a crayon rubbing.
Kids of all ages are welcome!