Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Bugemon Go!

Can you catch them all?  Learn about the many orders of insects and how to collect insects safely and without harming them in this fast-paced activity!  We will introduce the “basics of bugs” with a song and participants can sort plastic insects into “insect” or “not an insect” or “not sure” by tossing them into hoops.
Next, we will examine real insects preserved in lucite and use the field guides to try to identify them.  There will be drawing paper and colored pencils along with a brief drawing demonstration to make studies of the insects.
After reviewing how to safely collect bugs with our “Buggie Balls”, participants will search for insects in the woods and field.  Anything they collect will be brought back to a tarp with a laminated visual of various insect orders.  We will make a record of our captures before returning insects to where we found them.
Lastly, we will end with a craft project: Building a praying mantis with tubes and sticks.  We will also discuss animal adaptions, defenses, and camouflage.  Participants take all art home.

Here is a video of previous similar insect projects:

Meet at the kiosk in the Park at Parkside Road and East Orchard Avenue, Providence, RI 02906.