Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Looking Under Logs

Pill bugs, worms, salamanders, and more!  See who’s hiding by the trails.  Make a compost “menu” for Blind Lemon Nightcrawler’s “Compost Cafe”!  Meet at the Blackstone Park kiosk, by Parkside Road and East Orchard Avenue, Providence, RI 02906. Masks and registration required.
This event is part of our monthly “Art & Science in the Park” series with 15 Minute Field Trips, focusing on community action to protect wildlife, promote biodiversity, and combat climate change.  Learn about local flora and fauna through art and science activities.  Great for families or to use in the classroom.  Stay longer to enjoy the park, pick up litter, or use your new knowledge to educate others.


This event is led by Melissa Guillet, from 15 Minute Field Trips. Melissa has taught art for over 20 years and is an avid nature-lover involved in gardening, hiking, and collecting data as a citizen scientist.

Check the 15 Minute Field Trips Facebook page for weather updates.