Blackstone Parks Conservancy


We have scheduled several park-keeping sessions for the coming weeks – a perfect opportunity to enjoy the fall weather in Blackstone Park! As always, you are welcome for a few minutes or the whole time. If you think you can come to one or more, please rsvp to comply with contact tracing requirements, wear a mask and bring your own water and gloves. There’s plenty of space to spread out and work at a safe distance.
If the weather isn’t favorable, we will email a cancellation before the event starts. You can also check the website for updates and exact meeting locations.
We hope to see you in the park!
October 25 (Sunday),  10:30 – noon  York Pond Ravine.  Knotweed and other invasive plant removal. This can be high-intensity or low-intensity, as you prefer.  Please bring gloves, and tools if you have them: hand pruners, pruning saw, weeding tool, small shovel (for a more intense workout), loppers.
November 8 (Sunday) 10:30 – noon  Project TBD
November 15 (sunday) 10:30 – noon  Project TBD