Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Go for a walk

A cheerful voice rose above the mad checkout scene at Whole Foods early in the pandemic: “This is a good time to enjoy our beautiful parks!” New BPC board member Jeff Williams was regaling the cashier and anyone lucky enough to be nearby with one upside of the current crisis.

Jeff is right. Of course, even when we’re outside we need to put aside our habit of embracing or shaking hands with others and to keep a safe physical distance (6 feet is recommended) between ourselves and other people. But that doesn’t mean we need to stay inside.

Indeed, especially now that gyms and the boathouse are closed, getting exercise outside in the glorious spring that is just beginning could help balance our bodies and spirits. This spring the air is considerably cleaner than usual–an upside of the dreadful pandemic is the dramatic reduction of air pollution.

The first blooms—the buttery yellow cornus mars trees–on the Boulevard signify what’s to come. And the parks, particularly the 45-acre Blackstone Park Conservation District beside the Seekonk River, continue to need patient attention and maintenance.

So check our website for upcoming caretaking sessions, and go for a walk. We can keep two arms’ lengths between ourselves and other humans and still feel connected to each other and to nature.

Jane Peterson