Blacktone Parks Conservancy

Dedicated to the Preservation and Stewardship of Historic
Blackstone Park Conservation District and Boulevard.

Earth Day Spring Cleaning

IMG_2891 pngOur annual trash pickup in Blackstone Park was a water-themed success. A little rain fell, in keeping with our Earth Day tradition, but our spirits were sunny as twenty or so volunteers picked up litter from the riverside and pond’s edge. Some volunteers even went out in a boat to better access tricky parts of the shore. We were entertained by teams of rowers racing in the Seekonk River – and helped by some of their fans and other members of the Narragansett Boat Club.
The Conservancy couldn’t do its job without volunteers to do the heavy lifting – whether it’s first-timers who lift heavy tires out of the muck, or dedicated long-term volunteer staffers who plan and run these events. Many thanks to all who were involved!.



Cloudless skies provided the backdrop for the Blackstone Parks Conservancy’s (BPC) first winter duck walk on a spring-like Sunday late in February that almost compensated for the disappointment of having lost out to river ice last year. Fifty-seven people of all ages turned out to watch birds and learn about them from Dan Berard, a […]

Birds and bird lovers turned out in large numbers February 28th for the BPC’s first Winter Duck Walk along the Seekonk River (last year’s was prevented by ice).  Fifty-seven of the human species saw seven species of migratory ducks float by and preen on old pilings. Counting other birds sighted at the river, there were […]

When you see the photograph of little girls hugging a large tree in the Blackstone Parks Conservation District, one thing is obvious: “They get it.” No one has to tell them how precious and exciting nature is. This Blackstone Parks Conservancy (BPC) outing of pre-schoolers to the park overlooking the Upper Narragansett Bay, one of […]

Once people see a connection between their own health and the natural environment–we are all mammals, after all–the value of woodlands beyond a cool place to escape on a hot day becomes more evident. And the need to protect trees in both Blackstone parks—as the Blackstone Parks Conservancy (BPC) does–becomes more evident as well. The […]

On service day in October going after invasive plants.                                

What natural resources, landscape features, and environmental conditions were encountered by the earliest users of what is now Blackstone Park?  Was there ever a natural status quo to which we can return? Did Native communities change their environment and its resources, or create the ecosystems that colonists took to be natural? Kevin Smith, Deputy Director […]

Signs of Life

On a September field trip to Blackstone Park, Moses Brown environmental science students stood beside the meadow at York Pond while Coordinator of the Providence Parks Urban Wildlife Partnership April Alix gave instructions for collecting “bugs” in the water to find clues to its health. She admonished them not to wave the nets over peoples’ […]

It’s Really About the Future

Sometimes a local college will send new freshmen to volunteer in the Blackstone parks. In September nearly 40 new RISD students arrived in two groups to figure out how to take materials found in the riverside park and build temporary enclosures that could be knocked down and later reassembled—sort of like stage sets. The Education […]

Green Team

The Green Team, organized by Groundwork Providence, was none the worse for wear after a wilting hot morning cutting back the invasive black swallowwort in the south section of the Blackstone Park Conservation District under the guidance of BPC volunteers Elena Riverstone and Martha Fraenkel.