Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Please let us know!

The Blackstone Parks Conservancy and the Parks Department are trying out a new and sustainable porous material in a 30-foot stretch of the Boulevard path by Upton Avenue. How does it feel underfoot? Please let us know. 

When It All Comes Together

Blackstone Parks Conservancy (BPC) volunteers are accustomed to projects taking time, years even. Long desired improvements to the parks may not be feasible for want of either time or money–or both. So it was with three Blackstone Park Conservation District projects this fall: a stair railing, two kiosks, and a fence. Then, suddenly, these projects […]

Thank you, AIPSO

It takes a village to keep our park clean and safe. Thank you to AIPSO from our village for all their work on October 9th.              

Rain doesn’t keep us away! New fence, protecting native plants going in today. Without our generous donors this project would not have been possible – thank you!  

Join the Blackstone Parks Conservancy for a boat tour of the Seekonk River and shore. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn about the river and the wildlife that live within and near it. Board the boat on Sunday, September 30th, at 11:00am, 12:00 or 1:00pm. At the Narragansett Boat Club Dock, 2 River Drive […]