Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Wood duck nest box

Before last nights snow fell, we are grateful to Timmons and Bjorn from Narragansett Boat Club along with Carrie from the Conservancy, for putting up a wood duck nest box near York Pond. Yes, you heard right – wood ducks can nest in trees!
We should know in a month or so if a wood duck pair has chosen this particular single-family home with water view. Another resident could be a screech owl as they like the same sort of nesting sites as wood ducks, and the habitat in Blackstone Park is perfect for them. Let us know if you see a wood duck around York Pond – the males are colorful with a slicked-back “hairdo”!


Waterbirds of winter

Coffee, cocoa, and relatively mild temperatures energized last weekend’s pre-Superbowl Duck Walk.  Spotting a young Bald Eagle overhead right at the beginning didn’t hurt either.  Led by expert birder Dan Berard, over 30 participants took an hour-long stroll along the Seekonk, seeing and learning about several types of winter-only waterfowl, some year-rounders, and an impressive […]

We would like to thank our many supporters who over the years sent Friendship Fund receipts from Eastside Marketplace.  Every kind of support helps.  Unfortunately, Eastside Marketplace has now discontinued its program, so we no longer can collect or take benefit from your receipts. The BPC remains steadfast in our mission to preserve and protect the Blackstone […]

What the Owl Sees

Perched in a tree in the Blackstone Park Conservation District one December afternoon, a feathery Barred Owl stares straight ahead, its dark-ringed brown eyes observing all. It has managed to fly high up to safety while dogs below are running and barking. Rabbits and chipmunks might not be so fortunate, though they do have other […]

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  The second best time is now.   To make this your best time to plant a tree, apply by January 28th to the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program for free street trees for your block!  More information here.