Blackstone Parks Conservancy
If you look out the windows of our erg rooms, you can see ducks on the water.  But they don’t look like the ducks we see in the summer and they certainly don’t act like the summer ducks.  In fact, some of these ducks are predators, another good reason to shut the river down in deep winter.
On Sunday, February 16nd, you can learn about our winter ducks, who consider Rhode Island their equivalent of Florida. At 2 PM, Dan Berard, noted naturalist, will lead a walk on River Road, spotting and commenting on the birds we see.  The tour will originate in the Narragansett Boat Club and also end there, with coffee and chocolate to warm you up.

They are not all pine trees! Learn how to identify conifers by needle, scale and cone.  Explore Blackstone Park. At Blackstone Field, across from the Narragansett Boat Club (2 River Rd. aka River Dr., Providence, RI 02906). Part of the Art & Exploration at Blackstone Park series, with 15 Minute Field Trips, at 10 a.m. first Saturdays July […]

It was a snow-covered, yet warm December morning.  Mallard ducks gathered en masse, waiting for the human tender who fed them.  The soft rustle of leaves revealed a mourning dove searching for seeds. People will gloves and cameras searched the woods and water for birds. At the monthly Art in the Park, we had a […]

Autumn in Providence

Like a showgirl reluctant to leave the stage, autumn in Providence must be noticed: apricot, scarlet, deep purple and yellow to golden to orange to bronze, some edged with green. We can hold on to the memory of the astonishing trees in our parks, yards, and streets through the long winter nights. November was the […]

Our 2019 Moonrise Celebration on November 11, Veterans Day, was a great party with just one glitch—no moon! Well, hardly any moon. Finally–after the crowd practice- gazed at clouds with a telescope brought by the SkyScrapers and a super-sized pair of binoculars from a Narragansett Boat Club member–the star of the event appeared, to great cheers…for […]