Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Having fun and helping the little green plants!  We took advantage of Wednesday’s rainless evening to start reducing a massive accumulation of oak leaves in a fragile grassy area off of Loring Ave.  The added rain and sun will help revitalize the plant community there.  If anyone needs some chemical-free oak leaves to add “brown material” to your compost bins or use as mulch, let us know before Sunday!  (You will want to chop them up before adding to compost bins).

Due to a very high chance of rain and thunderstorms this Thursday, June 6th, our Park keeping event has been rescheduled for next Thursday, June 13th. We will work on invasive control and trail maintenance in the Center Section. Meet at the Blackstone Park kiosk: Parkside Rd. & E. Orchard Av., Providence, RI 02906. We […]

Great Neighbors

What great neighbors we have! Students from Lincoln school worked with City Forester Doug Still today in Blackstone Park’s south section, taking down invasive Norway maple trees. Younger students picked up trash.  Many thanks to everyone.

THANK YOU to students from our neighbors at Lincoln School who created and put up a fabulous display featuring some of the native and invasive plants that can be found in Blackstone park. Check it out – it’s on the back of the Parkside kiosk!

On Monday Providence became the 30th US city to join the Urban Bird Treaty program! The program’s goal to is to help conserve birds through partnerships between cities and US Fish and Wildlife Service. Our partnership was made official at a sunny ceremony featuring Senator Reed, Mayor Elorza, Parks Dept Superintendent Wendy Nilsson, Regional Director […]