Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Blackstone Boulevard and Blackstone Park are still open for walking, although everyone needs to keep up social distancing. Feel free to contact us with questions or if you see any maintenance or other issues in the parks. Stay tuned by checking this website – we look forward to resuming our events as soon as possible: caring for the parks and engaging park users is the core of our mission.

On March 30 Wendy Nilsson, Superintendent of the Providence Parks Department, sent the following notice to help us all understand the latest City guidelines around parks:

“As our community continues to take the steps necessary to fight the spread of COVID-19, we will be postponing Earth Day activities and any volunteer events in parks until further notice. Our community’s health and safety are our number one priority, so we ask that folks continue to do their part by staying home and following social distancing practices (6 feet of space and avoiding gatherings larger than 5 people) if you do go outside for essential errands or to enjoy our beautiful parks.

We are striving to balance cleaning the parks with our crews’ health and safety. Therefore, park crews are out there every week, albeit in a limited capacity, attending to basic services. We are grateful you are also looking out for our parks. If you see something that needs our attention right away, please email and we will do our best to take care of it as soon as we can.

Until we hear otherwise, playground and park construction projects with contractors are proceeding. However, we expect delays as the supply chain and labor is affected by this situation. Projects that are in the design phase are moving forward.

Lastly, we regret that additional spaces in the city are closed for public use as of 03/30/2020 and until further notice:
Small playgrounds and play areas within parks (for kids, youth and adults) – larger parks that have passive areas for recreation will remain open. The goal is to keep people off the play and exercise equipment
Baseball Fields
Basketball Courts
Soccer/Football Fields

Thank you for your patience and understanding!”

Go for a walk

A cheerful voice rose above the mad checkout scene at Whole Foods early in the pandemic: “This is a good time to enjoy our beautiful parks!” New BPC board member Jeff Williams was regaling the cashier and anyone lucky enough to be nearby with one upside of the current crisis. Jeff is right. Of course, […]

State officials have urged us all to act now to help limit the spread of coronavirus. To help keep our community safe we are postponing our in-person annual meeting originally scheduled for April 7. We hope to reschedule in the coming months, perhaps for an outdoor meeting.  We will post the annual report online, and send it […]


Despite the longer days and the return of some birds to Blackstone Park, a leading “hot spot” in Rhode Island for bird watching even during winter according to Providence Parks Department expert April Alix, it isn’t yet spring in Providence. The volunteers of the Blackstone Parks Conservancy (BPC) begin to feel restless, but the parks […]

A Sense of Place

I run a monthly nature experience at Blackstone Park Conservancy where I’ll have an information table and art activity that extends into a way to explore the park.  We’ve explored insects, spiders, broadleaf trees, and winter birds, among others. It’s an outdoor program, so weather is always a concern. So it was no surprise when […]