Blackstone Parks Conservancy

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Until recently, want of a plan for repair that would hold up a long time in the face of intensifying storms and the cash to execute it has delayed work on the heavily compacted path. Starting in 2017, the Blackstone Parks Conservancy (BPC) and the Parks Department worked out a lasting solution and eventually found […]

Bicycles on the Boulevard path

Bikes are not allowed on the Boulevard path, which is intended solely for pedestrians and runners. Several people have reported being nearly knocked down by racing or weaving cyclists. Please be aware that dedicated bike lanes on the Boulevard are available. Anyone teaching a child to learn how to bike will find Gladys Potter Park […]

Audubon Society of Rhode Island is hiring a Stormwater Training Coordinator to oversee the launch of the Stormwater Innovation Center at Roger Williams Park (Innovation Center). The Coordinator is a new, grant-funded, 18-month position. Continuation of the position past 18 months will be contingent on successful future grant applications.  The job description is here:

Anonymous Flyer

It has come to the attention of the BPC that an anonymous person has distributed flyers concerning dogs and, perhaps inadvertently, creating the false impression that they come from the Conservancy. They do not. Only the owner of the parks, namely, the City of Providence as represented by the Department of Parks and Recreation, is […]