The Education Committee is dedicated to helping children and adults explore our parks and the delightful treasures they contain.

This year we will be offering our weekend programs primarily in the spring, fall and winter, while July and August programs will be weekday evenings. Our first winter program is an opportunity to learn about the ducks on the Seekonk River that have migrated here for the winter. From there we are arranging the return of some of our most popular programs; to mention a few, Lindsay Meehan, children’s music performer, the RI Philharmonic & Music School Petting Zoo, the Save the Bay boatride up the Seekonk River, the Not-So-Spooky Trail Walk, and the return of our most popular program ever—Fairy Houses, part II! New trail walks and hands-on programs are also in the offing.

We will also be starting a project to create a gathering space and a trail in Blackstone Park especially for children and their families. This will be located in the woods behind the Blackstone Field. As we begin to plan this project, we are looking for ideas and help from you, our park-going parents and friends, and we are particularly from the children who will use these spaces. We will be sending out more information about this project when, if ever, it stops snowing.

And now the pitch…not for a donation of money, but something much more valuable...a donation of your time! After two years of dedicating their summer weekends to BPC programs, several of our dearest volunteers need a break. We will need some help to keep our programs growing and to make them more accessible to more children. Who would we reach out to most naturally, but to you! If you can give a morning, or even two or three, or you’d like more information on what’s involved, please contact us immediately!  To receive more information or to sign up, please fill out the volunteer form or contact us.


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