Blackstone Park is the site of year-round educational and leisurely activities. Events taking place in 2023 included:

  • The monthly series “Art & Science in the Park”, hosted by Melissa Guillet of 15 Minute Field Trips focusing on community action to protect wildlife, promote biodiversity, and combat climate change.
  • Shoreline Walks with urban naturalist, wildlife video maker and environmental champion Greg Gerritt.
  • Birding Walks, with expert naturalist and ornithologist Dan Berard.
  • MoonRise on the Seekonk, celebrating the Hunter’s full moon in October with live music, and Rhode Island’s amateur astronomers, the Skyscrapers.
  • RiverRide on the Seekonk: a guided boat tour of the Seekonk River and shore.
  • Concerts at Blackstone Field, featuring a wide range of musical styles, with popular local artists and groups.

Other events always spontaneously materialize, and while we do our best to get the word out, it helps if you keep an eye on our “events” page.  All our events are free and open to the public.  However, some of them require registration because places are limited.  You will find this information on the event page.

And, while our events are free to you, they are not free to us and we are grateful for any donations you make at our events, which go to supporting future events.

Come visit our Children’s Circle, located in the woods just at the edge of Blackstone Field across from the Narragansett Boat Club.  It’s a nice place to eat your lunch, have a birthday party, read a story out loud, or do any number of child-centered activities.  Sometimes you’ll find us in the circle, hosting some sort of activity.

We are a volunteer organization and are always looking to add helping hands.  The Education Program needs help from people drawn to organizing events that bring the public into the beauties of Blackstone Park: if this is you, see the volunteer page on our website.


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