Blackstone Parks Conservancy


Over two dozen adults and children of all ages, including a lively birthday party of nine-year-olds, gave a big Earth Day boost to Blackstone Park on Saturday.  We cleaned from the riverbank to the bluff top.  We fixed fences that protect tender woodland plants, and cleared away a fallen-down bamboo fence to showcase restored native woodland.  Last but definitely not least, we defined and stabilized trails against erosion and off-trail damage.  Thank you, Providence Earth Day volunteers!














Cherry Blossom

Check out one of the more unusual trees on the Boulevard!  This Weeping Cherry tree a bit south of Rochambeau Avenue is sporting two types of blooms, traditional drooping branches with smaller pink flowers, and straight branches with larger white flowers.

Thank you, Denali

A huge thank you to volunteers from Denali who helped us fix fences and clear away some fallen trees at Blackstone Park!

Turtle in York Pond

Snapping turtle in York Pond, snapped by Conservancy volunteer Karen Longeteig in late April.