Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Learn about the amazing ways seeds travel and even “time travel” as you hunt for seeds, sort by mobility, and look for “hitchhikers”.  Meet “Methuselah”, the oldest viable seed in the world!  Registration and masks required.  Fun for the whole family!At Blackstone Field, across from the Narragansett Boat Club (2 River Drive, Providence, RI 02906). Check the 15 Minute Field Trips Facebook page for weather updates.

Masks and registration required.

A mix of regulars and occasional participants have been hard at work removing invasive plants, spreading wood chips, and fixing trails.  In late June and throughout July we worked in all three sections of the park.  In spite of the heat, it’s been fun and extremely satisfying to know that we’re giving native plants some space to thrive, clearing sightlines for park users, stabilizing trails against erosion and damage, and increasing the ability of stormwater to soak in where it falls.

More park-keeping events will be scheduled for the late summer and fall: if you’re interested, please contact us or stay tuned to our website.