Our 2022 “Art & Science in the Park” Events!

Do you like to learn about nature? Do you like to draw, paint, and make things? Do you like to have fun?  If you do, Melissa Guillet’s 15 Minute Field Trips are for you.  Every month, Melissa leads children and their parents through Blackstone Park, exploring the animals and plants that live there—possums, hawks, turtles, salamanders, ducks, mighty oaks, and beeches.  Too many things live in the park to mention them all, but you will get to explore them and do an art project that helps you learn about them.  Melissa’s activities go on throughout the year, so you get to know what happens in the spring, summer, fall and winter—what animals are there all year?  What animals leave in the winter?  What do trees do in the spring?  In the fall?  There’s a lot going on in the natural world and Melissa makes it all fun, so keep your eye out for her 2022 monthly flyers that tell you what she will be doing in the park:

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