Learning to Care for the Woods

Chantelle Micheli, the nursery school teacher at Lincoln School, knows it’s a good thing for her students to spend time in the woods. “Taking the four classroom walls away truly allows for a unique learning environment.” If you are lucky, you will see her students loading their equipment—food, art supplies, tools, and other essentials—into wagons and heading out to Blackstone Park.
Once there, they make themselves at home and keep very busy until it’s time to go back. During this time, Early Childhood friends have the opportunity for hands-on exploration and experimentation, making observations, asking questions and problem solving
Chantelle’s class has become part of the family of park users who spend time helping the Blackstone Parks Conservancy keep the woods clean and healthy. Right now, they are combatting erosion by spreading mulch on a park trail. Erosion has become a serious issue with all the recent rain, and we are happy to have their help spreading chips!

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