Over the years, the organization has received recognition on several occasions.

Branches Award from The City of ProvidenceIn 2010 City Forester Douglas Still presented us with a “Branch Award” at the Toast for Trees event held by the Rhode Island Tree Council. This award recognized the Conservancy for all our work on the Boulevard and in the Conservation District.
Trolley Restoration Thank-you PlaqueIn 2009, the Board of Park Commissioners thanked us and Swan Point Cemetery for restoring the historic Blackstone Boulevard Trolley Shelter.
Preservation Merit Award from Preserve Rhode IslandIn 2007, Preserve Rhode Island gave us a Preservation Merit Award for our planting and maintenance plans on Blackstone Boulevard.
In 2000, the Providence Preservation Society gave us, together with the City of Providence Parks Department and Forestry Department, their Landscape Design/Open Space award for our “ambitious landscape plan to recapture the emphatically rustic design created by Horace Cleveland in 1904” and “long-term environmental remediation for York Pond”. This was our first year as an organization.

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