Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Earth Day appeal

We’re experiencing an Earth Day unlike any other. Both Blackstone Boulevard and Blackstone Park have been closed to visitors as part of the City’s effort to control coronavirus spread.  So instead of celebrating with our usual spring cleanup, this Earth Day we will not be in the parks. This is hard to do – time in nature is crucial for our health, both mental and physical – but necessary to save lives.

Cherry blossoms on Blackstone Boulevard (photo taken last day before park closure).

We hope that you are able to spend time in nature today, even if it is only in your yard or on a neighborhood walk. Here are some great resources from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island you can use to learn about what’s there.

We also hope that you will celebrate Earth Day by making a contribution to support the Blackstone Parks Conservancy. This recent situation has highlighted for all of us the importance of access to green spaces in our neighborhood.

Especially after a mandated lockdown during what is normally a busy season of planting and projects, our parks need your support this summer. We particularly want to be ready to enhance our trails, which saw a lot of use before the park closed.

If you are able, will you make a contribution today to support our parks?  To donate online, please click here. If you choose to mail us a check, our address is P.O. Box 603141, Providence, RI 02906.

Please take care of yourselves, and we hope you get a chance to enjoy some restorative moments in the coming weeks.

Thank you for helping our community through this challenging time.

Carrie Drake