Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Heading into Fall

This summer, a number of new friends of parks stepped up to help the Blackstone Parks Conservancy (BPC) protect “the jewel of Providence”—Blackstone Boulevard Park—as well as the semi-wild Blackstone Park Conservation District overlooking the Seekonk River.

And a new group set up by the Providence Parks Department (,) Partnerships for Parks, enables us to forge links with other parks in Providence for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Bearing considerable talent and experience, these volunteers arrive at just the right moment to help us accomplish several goals: to strengthen our educational outreach, to create alliances with environmental groups, and to get a deeper grip on our parks’ past.

You will be hearing more about several newcomers in the months to come. For now here are just two of the people enlivening these parks.

On our website, perhaps you’ve seen Elisa Vele-Tabaddor’s bird column. A child psychologist who juggles a job and the needs of a toddler with researching birds and liaison with the Providence Police, Elisa is a relative newcomer to the East side. She works on issues concerning the neighborhood of the Conservation District and River Road.


The Boulevard

The ever-popular summer concerts drew nearly 400 people to the Trolley Shelter by season’s end.

The natural stone bench at the trolley shelter will be formally dedicated to Lillian and Sol Koffler in early October. We thank Sandy and Richard Bornstein for this beautiful addition to the historic trolley shelter site.

The BPC and the Parks Department are discussing removal of dead and dying trees on the Boulevard. We are jointly considering which trees might be candidates for sculpting and carving.

Two volunteer researchers are assembling a history of the Boulevard and the Conservation District. If you have any memories or references—such as letters or journals–please contact us.



We need your help. The BPC with the help of the Appalachian Mountain Club is renewing efforts to check the damage done by intensifying storms. Upcoming workday in the Blackstone Park Conservation District: October 27th, with rain date the following Sundays. See our website for more information.


Eastside Marketplace receipts make a difference—please keep them coming.


Jane Peterson