Blackstone Parks Conservancy

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On a warm November day

A Blackstone Park visitor scales a tree on a warm November day.

Halloween Snowfall

A Halloween snowfall caught trees in the Blackstone parks before they were quite ready for winter. Here are two photos taken at Hockey Pond twelve days apart.

Hockey Pond, October 30. Photo: Petros Linardos

Hockey Pond, October 18th. Photo: Richard Korb

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On a perfect fall day

“We had a wonderful time learning about mushrooms and exploring the trails on a perfect fall day. Kids had a blast making clay mushrooms. It was great family fun. One mom expressed gratitude to spend time with her teen daughter outside. Despite the drought, we found violet-toothed polypores, a good clump of oysters, and a slime mold!” – Melissa Guillet of 15 Minute Field Trips, on last Sunday’s event “Mysterious Mushrooms”.