Celebrating the Boulevard Path’s Recent Renovation

On August 2nd, Councilwoman Helen Anthony, Mayor Jorge Elorza, and Providence Parks Department Superintendent Wendy Nilsson joined the Blackstone Parks Conservancy’s Board President Carrie Drake and Board Members Anthony Hollingshead and Margaret Brookner, to celebrate the new renovations of Blackstone Boulevard Path.  A 1,400 foot stretch of path was expanded to 12 feet.  New surface material was added, drainage was drastically improved.  New warnings near intersections help walkers and runners navigate traffic.

The Boulevard path project has been many years in the making.  It was funded by the City of Providence Capital Improvement Fund and Councilor Helen Anthony’s Neighborhood Infrastructure Fund, with contributions from the Conservancy. The project wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and perseverance of our partners in the City of Providence, especially the Parks Department design and implementation team led by landscape architect Sam Greenwood. Among our tireless board members we particularly wish to recognize the many contributions of landscape architect Colgate Searle, President Emerita Jane Peterson and Treasurer Deming Sherman.

Margaret Brookner, Anthony Hollingshead, Carrie Drake, Superintendent Wendy Nilsson, Mayor Jorge Elorza, Councilwoman Helen Anthony

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