Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Our Moonrise Celebration on Veterans Day

Veterans Day Moonrise. Credit: Jim Hendrickson

Our 2019 Moonrise Celebration on November 11, Veterans Day, was a great party with just one glitch—no moon! Well, hardly any moon. Finally–after the crowd practice- gazed at clouds with a telescope brought by the SkyScrapers and a super-sized pair of binoculars from a Narragansett Boat Club member–the star of the event appeared, to great cheers…for about 30 seconds.

While waiting for the moonrise, more than 30 kids and adults chatted in the unseasonably warm weather, sipped cocoa, watched rowing teams speed along the river, and played in Blackstone Field.

It was hard to be disappointed with this mellow outdoor evening, especially considering the wintery weather that arrived the next day.