Planet Path

On Sunday, November 13, visitors to Blackstone Field were treated to a “planet path,” a scale model of the solar system. We revived a fondly remembered 2017 project. Tara, then 8 years old, created portraits of the planets, showcasing their beauty and size relative to each other and, with their father, figured the appropriate distances between the planets for a temporary installation at Blackstone Park. This fall students from Moses Brown’s 9th-grade immersion program updated the project for Blackstone Field. They measured the field, came up with a relative scale (1 foot = 6.5 million miles), and marked the appropriate location for each planet.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars were represented at Blackstone Field on November 13, 2022.
13-year-old Tara and the planet path.

Jupiter, by Tara.



Jupiter, by Tara.

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