Blackstone Parks Conservancy

The Boulevard was buzzing last weekend with a report of a wild animal attack near the trolley shelter.  It turns out to have been a joke that leaped to rumor faster than you can say “fisher cat”. We are happy to report that no fishers have been spotted lurking near the trolley shelter, or anywhere on the Boulevard for that matter.  If you do ever see one, please let us know.  And never approach a fisher cat, they’re very dangerous!

Now for the sad reality.  Recently our dedicated volunteers picking up trash along the Boulevard have found empty large envelopes addressed to nearby homes.  Following up, we learned that the envelopes came from deliveries that never reached the recipients. Instead, someone had stolen the package after delivery to the front door, taken the contents, and dropped the envelopes on the Boulevard.  It seems that we all need to take precautions with deliveries, such as asking that they be made to a back door, or installing a locked mailbox.