Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Waterbirds of winter

Coffee, cocoa, and relatively mild temperatures energized last weekend’s pre-Superbowl Duck Walk.  Spotting a young Bald Eagle overhead right at the beginning didn’t hurt either.  Led by expert birder Dan Berard, over 30 participants took an hour-long stroll along the Seekonk, seeing and learning about several types of winter-only waterfowl, some year-rounders, and an impressive array of Mallard– American Black Duck hybrids.  Thanks to Dan’s powerful scope, even beginners were able to distinguish a far-off Common Goldeneye from a bufflehead.
Warmer weather will bring several more events this year, including woodland birding, music, nature-themed events, and drop-in work sessions that are vital to keeping the park in shape (and surprisingly fun).  Please check our website for details.  We also need volunteers to help us run these events! If you think you might have an hour or more to spare, and might be interested in volunteering with us in 2019, let us know here.